Prehistory Study – Instructor Notes

Prehistory Study Contents

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These study charts correlate the reading assignments for each level.

Advanced DK Prehistoric Life
IntermediateThe Complete Guide to Prehistoric Life
PrimaryUsborne Encyclopedia of World History
Multi-level Refernce  – Evolution: The Story of Life

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Notebook Pages

Intermediate / Advanced
Junior (Coloring Pages)


The pages in this collection are designed to assist students in documenting their studies of prehistoric times, as currently understood by science. Because of the constantly developing nature of science, there are sometimes disagreements about the facts, even amongst the experts. Sometimes there are alterations and updates in definitions, divisions, and categorizations as new information becomes available and accepted. This is certainly true for the sciences, such as paleontology, paleogeology, and stratigraphy, which focus on the study of prehistoric times. Different books and other sources of information use different dates, and even different names, for divisions of time in the prehistoric past. We have included pages for the time division names most commonly used in the more recent publications, but we have left the dates blank so that your student can fill them in to correspond with whatever information resources you may choose to use.

One thing to be aware of in this regard are differences in the subdivisions of the Cenozoic Era. Some resources present this era as having two subdivisions – the Tertiary Period and the Quaternary Period. Other resources present the Cenozoic Era as consisting of three period divisions – the Paleogene, the Neogene, and the Quaternary. You may wish to discuss this difference with your students. In order to minimize confusion we have included pages for all of these time period designations so that you can choose the pages that best coordinate with the information resources you have chosen to use.

The pages for the divisions of geologic time each include an illustration frame. Your student may wish to draw pictures of what the landscape might have looked like during each time period, or might choose to use this space for maps of the shifting land masses of the earth over the ages. One resource we like for such maps is the web site found at From the main page, click on the “Exploring Time & Space” option. Then select the geologic time division you are studying from the list on the right to see a map of the Earth during that time.

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Prehistory Notebook Pages – Intermediate / Advanced
Prehistory Notebook Pages – Primary
Prehistory Coloring Pages – Junior
Prehistory Minibooks
Recommended Books (different reading levels, with correlated study charts)
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