Prehistory Study – Suggested Videos

[Please Note: It is important to understand that these videos contain many artistic extrapolations not based on science. The great value of the videos is in helping prehistoric times come to life in the mind of the student, hopefully prompting the student to feel a desire to learn more. This is an excellent opportunity to help your student learn that there is a difference between solid analysys of scientific data and imaginative interpretation. Both have legitimate beneficial purposes, but they are not the same thing and one should not be mistaken for the other.]

The Universe: Spaceship Earth *
(This video describes current scientific theory about the formation of Earth and the solar system.)




.Before Dinosaurs: Walking With Monsters**

Episode 1: Water Dwellers (Cambrian, Silurian, Devonian)
Episode 2: Reptiles Beginnings (Carboniferous, Early Permian)
Episode 3: Clash of Titans (Late Permian, Early Triassic).



Walking With Dinosaurs**

Episode 1: New Blood (Late Triassic)
Episode 2: Time of the Titans (Late Jurassic)
Episode 3: Cruel Sea (Late Jurassic)
Episode 4: Giant of the Skies (Early Cretaceous)
Episode 5: Spirits of the Ice Forest (Middle Cretaceous)
Episode 6: Death of a Dynasty (Late Cretaceous)

Walking With Prehistoric Beasts**

Episode 1: New Dawn (Early Eocene)
Episode 2: Whale Killer (Late Eocene)
Episode 3: Land of Giants (Late Oligocene)
Episode 4: Next of Kin (Late Pliocene)
Episode 5: Sabre Tooth (Early Pleistocene)
Episode 6: Mammoth Journey (Late Pleistocene)

Walking With Cavemen**

Episode 1: First Ancestors (Australopithecus afarensis)
Episode 2: Blood Brothers (Homo habilis; Homo rudolfensis)
Episode 3: Savage Family (Homo ergaster; Homo erectus)
Episode 4: The Survivors (Homo heidelbergensis; Homo neanderthalensis; Homo sapiens)

*Note: At this writing this video is available to watch online at Hulu, and can also be rented from Netflix.
** Note: At this writing these videos are available as “Instant Watch” selections at Netflix.

NOTE: These pages coordinate with:
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Prehistory Coloring Pages – Junior
Prehistory Minibooks
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