Prehistory Coloring Pages – Junior

Coloring pages also make excellent report covers or notebook section dividers for older students.

Click here to download junior level coloring pages – Prehistory –





7 Notebook Cover Page

8 Preliminary Pages

8 I Can Draw A Fossil

9 Charles Darwin

10 Alfred Wegener

11 Geologic Time (with Neogene and Paleogene Periods)

12 Geologic Time (with Tertiary Period)

13 Precambrian Time

14 Formation of Planet Earth

15 Archean Eon

16 Proterozoic Eon

17 Phanerozoic Eon

18 Paleozoic Era

19 Cambrian Period

20 Ordovician Period

21 Silurian Period

22 Devonian Period

23 Carboniferous Period

24 Permian Period

25 Mesozoic Era

26 Triassic Period

27 Jurassic Period

28 Cretaceous Period

29 Cenozoic Era

30 Paleogene Period

31 Neogene Period

32 Tertiary Period

33 Quaternary Period

34 Additional Notebook Pages

34 Blank Frame

NOTE: These pages coordinate with:
Prehistory Notebook Pages – Intermediate / Advanced
Prehistory Notebook Pages – Primary
Prehistory Minibooks
Recommended Books (different reading levels, with correlated study charts)
Suggested Videos
Instructor Notes 


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