On this blog you will find various assorted items, mostly related to science education at home, but with other random topics as well. Some were created with the intent of publication, but are not yet pulled together into a cohesive, publishable form. I made some in response to friends I heard lamenting their inability to find a particular resource on a day when I had a little free time. Some I made for my own personal use, or just for fun, but I think they might be useful for someone else out there too. You are free to use any of what you find here within your own family, or within a single classroom, but be aware that these are copyrighted items. Please don’t share the materials with your friends, but feel free to share a link to this page with them so they can get their own free copy.

Just so you know, I am hoping to gradually put at least some of these together into a cohesive, publishable format and offer them for sale to help offset the costs of educating my unique children. When (and/or if) that happens I will no longer have those items available here for free, but will make sure to direct you to where you can purchase a copy. But that’s down the road; for now…


Earth and Space

Deep Space (Coming Soon)
Solar System (Coming Soon)
Planet Earth (Coming Soon)
Wind, Water, and Weather (Coming Soon)
Climate and Ecology (Coming Soon)

(See Also: Science – Special Topics)




Special Topics

Prehistory Study


Old Testament Reading Charts


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